Drake Eye Center has been wonderful to our family. The staff is knowledgeable and dedicated to meeting all of our eye care needs. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. We definitely feel welcome when it comes time to see Dr. Drake.
The Godsey family
Bob, Amanda, Sloan, Olivia, and Luke

Dr. Drake was recommended to my family by the one of the supervising professors of the UAB School of Optometry in Birmingham, AL, who stated that he was one of the top graduates of the school during her tenure. From the initial contact with he and his staff, my wife and I have been extremely pleased with his patient care and knowledge of the eyes and how to instruct and prescribe the proper treatment. We are most grateful that Dr. Drake has located his practice in Hartselle and his continuing service to not only his patients but to the community.
Leo Wiggins

A friend of Dr. Drake referred me to him when I was having trouble with eye infections. He saw me quickly and my eyes cleared up within days. Later, my husband began having troubles with eye ulcers so I referred him to Dr. Drake because of the professional treatment I received. When my son started complaining about not being able to see at school, I would not have taken him anywhere else. We are all very pleased with Dr. Drake, and his staff is very friendly and helpful. I would definitely refer him to anyone I know.
Sondra Malkmus

I have been a patient of Dr. Drake’s since 2003. My patient/doctor relationship has been a most pleasant one. I find him to be extremely professional and very caring. He is very thorough in his examinations and spends as much time as needed answering questions and explaining his diagnosis and treatment. I was so impressed with him that I convinced my husband to become a patient as well. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Drake to anyone I know.
Elaine Balch

My husband, Bill, and I both love Dr. Drake and his staff. The cornea of one of Bill’s eyes was scratched. He was not one of Dr. Drake’s patients, but called him because of the pain. They were able to see him within an hour. During the examination, Dr. Drake told Bill he had cataracts. His office made the initial appointment with the surgeon. Bill had cataracts removed from both eyes. Dr. Drake took care of the follow-up visits. He has fitted me with both glasses and contacts. We cannot say enough good things about him and his staff. They are friendly, cooperative, and very professional.
Mary Anne and Bill Reese